Yes, it’s true! Remodel West just completed another remodel consisting of two bathrooms, this time in Willow Glen. Floor plans in this area usually consist of an unreasonable 3 bedroom, 1 ¼ bath layout. Fortunately, this particular homeowner sought out a remodeling company that was capable of making significant changes to better meet the needs of this married couple.

Hall Bath – After (with medicine cabinet open)
In May of 2010, RemodelWest went to work redesigning this home. In order to target the homeowner’s goals of transforming this house into a 2 bathroom home, it was necessary to make some changes to the floor plan. Compare the before and after floor plan. When looking at the different floor plans, note the transformation of both Bath 1 and Bath 2 into one large Master Bathroom with walk-in closet. Our design staff utilized space from the Sunroom to create a 5’x10′ Hall Bath.

Hall Bath - Before

  This project was completed in two phases allowing for full use of at least one bathroom during the process. Although redesign of the layout for this home is exciting, the use of materials in this project is what really makes the bathrooms stand out. Take a look at the finished photograph of this emaculate bathroom. One of the first things to catch your eye is the tile detail; we used a colored glass mosaic tile to accent the clean and sleek look that this all white bathroom established. The sink cabinet and tall vanity that you see are both products of Keuco, a plumbing fixture manufacturer our of Germany; they are designed to compliment a contemporary design like you see here. The medicine cabinet, hung above the sink is equipped with electrical and lighting on the inside, a neat and convenient feature. We also implemented a wall hung toilet in both the Hall Bath and the Master Bath. These toilets complement the sleek design of this bathroom, but also allow for ease of cleaning underneath and around this space saving toilet. The in wall carrier allows for the mounting of this toilet; in the Master Bath, RemodelWest needed to build out the wall to make room for the in wall carrier. Another feature implemented in both the Hall and Master Bath was a Warmup flooring system; this application is installed using a sturdy mesh material with a thin heating wire and is installed underneath the tile. Using a thermostat the homeowner can set a specific time for the heated flooring to activate and when they enter the bathroom to start their day, the floor is warm on their feet. RemodelWest also installed a sun tunnel in both bathrooms, as well as in the hallway. This allows for an abundance of natural light to beam through the roof and really illuminate the area without using any energy. Originally, the hallway outside this bathroom was extremely dark and unwelcoming; the new sun tunnel transformed this hallway into a bright and inviting segway to the rest of the home.

Master Bath - After

When comparing the before and after photos of this striking Master Bath, it is difficult to see how Remodel West made such a transformation. One of the important details to know is that we tore down the wall between the Master Bath and the original 1/4 bath to make room for this extravagent new design. When you first walk into the bathroom, you immediately notice the unique floor tile. We used a ceramic tile designed to resemble a hardwood floor; it covered the bathroom floor, into the shower

Master Bath - Before

floor and was also used on the ceiling in the shower. The floating vanity and storage cabinets were made from a Mahagony material. A recessed vanity cabinet on either side of the double sinks makes plenty of room for his and her storage. The recessed niche was equipped with glass shelves and a decorative back using recycled glass pebbles to add some color. In this bathroom, a recycled Quartz material was used for countertops and various places throughout. For example, Quartz was used to wrap the post on the left of the storage cabinets and to the right of the shower. In another example,

Pony wall wrapped with Quartz

the Quartz was used to cap off the pony wall in the shower and to build the floating bench (see photo on left). The tile chosen for the walls throughout the bathroom was a slate field tile, very complementary to the other materials involved. Within the Master Bathroom, we incorporated a walk-in closet within the space used. We implemented an entire closet system to help organize the space. In addition

Master Bath (tilted transom window above shower door)

to the Warmup flooring system, Remodel West also incorporated a steam shower into the design. In the photo to the right, you can see that we designed a tilting transom window above the shower door allowing steam to find its way out of the shower when the spa experience comes to an end. Visit the RemodelWest Facebook page to receive a notification when these homeowners post their review! If you would like to see more photos of this project, please visit our Flickr site! If you would like to know more about the details of this project or discuss a project of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do so by visiting our website ( or give us a call 408.257.4900!
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