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Bill Reid, owner of RemodelWest aka Cupertino Kitchen Design, is considering relocating his seventeen year old design and construction business to Saratoga California.  Over the years the company has become wise by growing, evolving and adapting to homeowners desires and economic booms and declines.  In fact a large reason why Mr. Reid has been undergoing a name change to Remodel West is that they have out grown the Cupertino Kitchen Design name.  Offering comprehensive design and construction services for any residential remodel project it only made sense to let the public in on the secret.  Furthermore a most recent change in response to client demand the company has been morphed into two separate companies, Remodel West Design Inc. and Remodel West Construction Inc.  Already offering design and construction this recent change has allowed the company to offer a suite of services for clients whom may only need one or the other.  Another progressive step Bill has taken to further grow his company is the advent of Green Building.  “Sustainable design and construction practices make sense and we have discovered an avenue to follow allowing us to make a difference” says Mr . Reid.  This is one factor in the decision to relocate because they would like to create an eco friendly studio/office environment that is good for their staff and will give the ability to demonstrate design and material solutions appropriate for the new Green Buildingagenda that RemodelWest has embarked on.  It’s no secret that current economic times are placing unprecedented pressures on small and large business so I asked Bill, how is this influencing his decisions.  “There is no doubt that we are affected by the downturn in business but I believe times like these offer opportunities just as good times do.  In both scenarios you learn but it times like these I believe you learn more.  We are fortunate that our company has maintained a solid reputation and it is largely because of extremely dedicated employees.  This has led to a very strong referral and repeat customer base that we have come to understand is everything in building a business.  I took advantage of good times in 1999 and purchased a building in Saratoga with my family.  This was a unique situation and today offers a viable option that makes real financial sense.”  With the building not more than a couple miles down the same street and clearly a smart financial move what about the message it sends the community and to your customers?  “I have thought long and hard about this and I am very concerned about what perceptions people might have.  Over the years I have learned no matter how much you communicate your plans there are always presumptions that are made and talked about.  On the other hand when I changed our name to RemodelWest I initiated a year long campaign and I received very positive response from my past customers.” 

In speaking further with Bill the move would likely occur after the first quarter of 2009 and would involve moving out of their current location in Cupertino CA down the street to their new building in Saratoga where many of their customers reside.

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