RemodelWest recently completed a home improvement project in Cupertino. The project consisted of a full kitchen and two bathroom remodels. When searching for a company for a remodel, homeowners must first decide how they want to plan and design the project. At Remodel West, we see your project from the beginning to the end. Our comprehensive approach to remodeling is what encouraged this Cupertino family to hire RemodelWest for their design and construction project.
Early during the design process a possible burden was brought to our attention. There was a beam running through the middle of the kitchen that really limited the flexibility of design. While assessing the existing conditions of the property during a Site Inspection meeting – it was found that a previous contractor had performed substandard work when an addition was done to the home. Consequently, the beam needed to be replaced. The RemodelWest team was able to raise the beam up; this made a significant change to the look and feel of the kitchen. Take a look at the before and after shots to really see the difference.
Remodel West designed a very functional yet aesthetically pleasing new kitchen for this home, with dark mahogany DeWils cabinets, a dark Caeserstone quartz countertop and a very modern tile. The linear pattern of the backsplash tile catches your eye while the neutral tones put you at ease. The purples in the tile accent the purple hue of the glorious EcoTimber walnut floor.





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              This bathroom was designed with a goal to be comfortable and convenient for wheel chair access. A low sink with open space underneath was installed along with a seat and grab rails in the shower to reach this goal. The mahogany cabinets were brought into the bathroom; a cork dot décor tile was used in the shower and around the custom mirror frame. Porcelain tiles were used for the bathroom floor, shower floor and shower walls. Many of the same materials were used in the master bathroom with an owner supplied vanity and light fixtures. At Remodel West we realize every homeowner has an investment goal and a good understanding of what they want to invest in their home. During the design process with this Cupertino family we discussed phases and alternatives to stay conscious that the cost of the project remained comfortable. In this particular case, Remodel West analyzed the cost of each room being remodeled and weighed the pros and cons of executing the project all at once or in phases. It turned out to be more cost effective to complete the kitchen and both bathrooms simultaneously.




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  1. Beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodel. Both rooms now appear to have a pleasant contemporary feel, and the choice to use the same style of cabinets in both the bathroom and kitchen results in a nice consistency between the rooms.

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