Our company has fallen victim to an unfortunate situation with an extremely unethical and vindictive customer.  This past client has filed a fraudulent and slanderous posting on this rip off report website that in of itself is under major scrutiny for it’s alleged illegal practices.  As a seventeen year old company we take our reputation very seriously and was distressed to see such ridiculous statements.  As I have seen positive rebuttals mounting I have learned that we have very supportive customers and appreciate their support.  If you have read this posting I’m hoping that, as an intelligent person, you will see between the lines and come to your own conclusion.  As a company and an individual that takes this issue very personally I know that everyday we strive to make our customers experience as pleasant as possible and when issues do arise we handle these professionally.  I have extremely dedicated employees that truly care about our customers and their homes, some whom have been with me for seventeen years.  We are determined not to let such a disturbed person affect our business but also realize that many people believe everything that they read.  Many of our customers are referral and repeat clientele and all I can ask is for the opportunity to speak with you about this issue if you are considering our company to remodel your home. Thank you, Bill Reid Owner breid@remodelwest.com 408.593.2749 remodelwest.com/contractorplumascounty
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